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Cell Phone Radiation Causes Of Infertility In Women

Ladies, this article is for you! 

There are a number of risk factors present that let you know how fertile your body is, especially if you are trying to get pregnant. A lot of women, even after going through proper medical treatment, fail out in conceiving a child! 

They may not realize but environment toxins such as cell phone radiation can have a negative impact on their body and reproductive organs. Hence, it is very important to carry cell phone radiation protection with us.

Today in this article, we are going to discuss why cell phone Radiation is a Risk Factor in the causes of Infertility in Women. so, without wasting much time, let's get started: 

The overview of today’s article goes as:

#1: Biological effects of cell phone radiation

#2: How women can protect themselves from such harmful radiations

Let us discuss the points in detail: 

#1: Biological effects of cell phone radiation:

A cell phone emits a form of radiation, known as EMF radiation which interferes with our body’s cells. It even causes a cellular stress response which leads to concerns such as:

·         DNA fragmentation

·         Free radical damage

It even leads to changes in the cell membrane and cell death (Apoptosis). The damage to the cells automatically causes a number of other diseases to the pregnant lady. It may lead to small changes in your microbiome to some serious, permanent damages as well such as infertility.

It also includes diseases such as:

#1: Cancer

#2: autism 

#3: mental health issues

#4: chronic ilness

#5: immune disorders

#6: cognitive disorders

These cell phone radiations alter the natural systems within our bodies. 

#2: How women can protect themselves from such harmful radiations:

Turn off wifi, Bluetooth connections, device in airplane mode whenever possible. These functions send out a continuous signal even when you are not using the device. 

Always try to keep your phone away from your body. Instead of keeping your phone in pants/ pockets right up against your skin, keep it in bag anyways! One of the best options is using a cell phone radiation protector. It blocks the harmful radiations from reaching out to your body

Time to sum up:

So, what are you waiting for? It’s high time to take initiative and thus protect your near and dear ones from these deadly diseases. You can even visit the safe cell website https://www.safecell.net/ to know more about cell phone radiation and brain cancer effects! Also, the product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Great, isn't it? Contact us right away!


Why Is It Essential To Protect Ourselves From Mobile Radiation?

There are certain gadgets that are very helpful to human being but emit most of the radiation and thereby causing great damage to the human body as the human body absorbs all the radiation. Some gadgets include-

  • WiFi routers- The routers are having the capability of giving off the radiation of type electromagnetic. Electromagnetic is highly powerful and these radiations can pass through walls. People keep their routers in the on mode for 24 hours thereby causing harm to not only yourself but also to the neighbors.

  • Microwave- This emits radiation in a huge amount during the process of heating the food. So, protector is also required during the time of operating microwave

  • Laptops along with smart phones- The major question is that are cell phones harmful? Yes! they are and the radiation of the mobile phones can cause permanent damage to the body and can cause disease like cancer, Alzheimer, etc.

Advantages of using phone radiation protector

The protector acts as a shield and thereby protects the body from absorbing the harmful radiation of mobile phones that can cause damage to the human body. A protective case is also effective sometimes. Therefore, the use of these shields helps people to deal with damages and be safe enough to increase their lifespan.

Radiation protector is therefore very much important and protects the user from the risk of cancer. Try buying the renowned radiation protector and be wise enough to see the reviews of the protector. Try avoiding the online sites for buying such kinds of stuff. Visit the store and see the products. However, the full benefits of these radiation protectors are not known properly but still, it protects till some level.

Reducing the radiation of cell phone

How to reduce cell phone radiation is the major question which may arise in a person mind. Some basic steps are there which people can follow after using protective equipment like keeping themselves away from cell phones when not in use or keeping themselves in airplane mode. In order to avoid exposure to single ear one must shift the ears while talking, however, a wired headset is the best option as the radiation to hits the head directly. Radiation is causing more danger to kids or children as they are having to develop nervous system and chances of damage is more and severe.

Safe Cell is one of the best platforms for cell phone radiation protectors. Take a glance at our offerings and buy the best suit as per your needs. Feel free to explore. We are known for providing quality products in affordable deals.



Using Cell Phone Without Radiation Protectors Is Harmful

In today's digital era, it is possibly impossible to stay away from cell phones. Forget about adults; even kids are not apart from the cell phone. Kids often found watching YouTube videos every day, and this habit is risking their lives than never before.

Have you ever thought about harmful radiations coming out of our cell phones?

If you are concerned about protecting yourself, kids and everyone around you, then this piece of the blog will give you all the essential information about the same.

Overview of this blog-

·      How mobile phone radiations are degrading everyone's health?

·      How Mobile Phone Radiation Protectors can minimize the risk?


The whole world has now realized the negative side of cell phone radiations. Long-Term risk of suffering from cancer is the most common thing that we worry about. Not just cancer, cell phone radiations cause numerous harms in everyday health. When our eyes/ body is exposed to cell phone radiations for a longer time, every day, we start feeling more fatigue than usual.

Don't believe us?

Try doing it. Use your cell phone for longer during a day and reduce the time spend in front of your phone the other day. Observe your fatigue level at the end of both days. You will find yourself more tired when you spent more time in front of your smartphone. It is because our body's energy levels fight with those harmful cell phone radiations, and hence, we feel tired. Especially our eyes feel more fatigue than other body parts. Sometimes we may feel burning sensation, itchiness, and redness in our eyes too. Not just this, if you spend more time with cell phones, your body may demand more sleep than usual, and you may not be able to sleep properly.

As these things will continue, day by day, your immune system will also start becoming weak. This will in-turn make you more prone to numerous diseases.

Isn't it an eye-opening fact?

Of course, it is!

So, what can we do to stay away from these health hazards due to cell phone hazards?

Start using a quality cell phone radiation shield.

How can Mobile Phone Radiation Protectors minimize the risk?

Safe Cell provides one of the best quality cell phone radiation protectors. You can purchase it online and start using it with ease. These shields limit the harmful effect of cell phone radiation and save you from almost all health hazardous.

Along with Safe Cell's cell phone radiation shields, keep these points in mind.

1.   Keep safe distance from the cell phone screen.

2.   Use Speakerphone/ Headsets for regular voice calls

3.   Turn off the Data and Wi-Fi when you don't use it.

4.   Prefer texts

5.   Turn off the GPS when you don't need it.

6.   Sleep at a safe distance from the phone

7.   Limit your overall usage


Buy the cell phone protection shields today!


New Research Links Mobile Phone Radiation With Cancer

Extensive studies have been performed to date on the health outcomes of cellular phone use. However, some of those researches have produced vastly distinctive consequences. One possible reason is that the subject beneath scrutiny is a moving goal – the technology itself and how it's used are continuously changing.

Some research showcases that the widespread use of cellular devices is contributing to an increase in cancer rates. While others have determined that they pose virtually no health risks, these ambiguities are causing lots of confusion among at most of the people. Should you be concerned about cell phone radiation cancer?

Difference between ionizing and non-ionizing radiation-

Unlike the ionizing radiation created by x-rays and ultraviolet light – which is understood to hold sufficient energy to cause cell and DNA harm that can lead to cancer. The non-ionizing radiation released by cellphones, cellphone towers, wireless routers, radios, microwaves, and other shared resources is extensively considered to be harmless due to its lack of efficiency. One concern about the latest research findings is that, contrary to popular belief. Some evidence shows that non-ionizing radiation may additionally have sufficient potency to cause biological changes that can lead to tumor development in animals. (by now, there is no proof to signify a similar effect in human beings).

However, it's essential to keep in mind some of this research is inherently flawed. For instance, many studies are funded by the cellular industry, which strongly shows the possibility of bias. Also, there may be a general loss of randomized managed trials mainly because it would be difficult and costly to randomly assign specific levels of telephone use to thousands of study members for at least five years (and to find sufficient contributors who might be inclined to stick to such regulations). This would be necessary to perform a randomized controlled trial that would yield clear and dependable answers.

While the research on mobile phone use and cancer was a long-term study, it was performed on rats and used outdated technology. Cell phone radiation shield might work the best to prevent unwanted health risks and make sure not to use it while driving.

Safe Cell is a reliable platform where you can get best quality cell phone radiation shields. Our products are considered an efficient source to stay away from harmful radiations coming out from the cell phones. Feel free to explore.