do cell phone radiation shields work

Tips To Protect Yourself From Cell Phone Radiation


Cell phone radiation causes a lot of deadly diseases. Below are some of the tips to Protect Yourself from Cell Phone Radiation. Note it down away!

1. Limit calls to those that are absolutely necessary.

Try to spend minimum time on a phone call.  According to a scientific research, it has identified a dose-response relationship between the total time you spend using your phone and the risk of disease. Better use the cell phone radiation shield instead.

2. Avoid telephoning with your cell phone next to your ear.

If you do put your cell phone next to you ear wait until your correspondent h has picked up the communication. Generally, Cell phones (2G particularly) are known to communicates at full power when connecting to a number. Make sure to hold your phone away from your body until you’ve finished dialing and put it to your ear when your correspondent answers.

While answering an incoming call give yourself a second or two before putting the phone next to your head once you’ve accepted the call.

3. Prevent carrying your cell phone directly on your body.

Even on standby your cell phone communicates at full power with the nearest cell phone tower regularly (typically several times a second) to ensure it has the best signal possible. In case you’re in a poor signal area, it may transmit every 30 seconds to try and get a better signal. Also, if you do have to keep your cell phone next to your body keeps it away from your major organs.

4.  Use your cell phone only in conditions of optimum reception.

Do not use it in a basement, underground station, elevator etc.

There’s no industry standard on the meaning of the signal bars on cellphones but you’re best advised to only telephone when all the signal bars are showing. Some mobile phones can ramp up their emissions 1000-fold in areas where the signal is poor. It clearly means that for each signal bar that is missing your exposure increases several hundred times.

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