Mobile Phone Radiation

What Are The Ways To Combat Mobile Phone Radiation Symptoms?

The effect of cell phone radiation may seem harmless to you but in reality, it might affect us more than we can imagine. We can defend our bodies from its effects with the help of a mobile phone radiation protector. 

Today, in this article, we are going to discuss the ways to combat mobile phone radiation symptoms. So, without wasting much time, let’s get started:

#1: Drink enough water:  yes, you heard me right! A number of physical symptoms can be seen Because of the EMF radiations. EMF radiations put the cells into stress. Drinking enough water keeps the cells hydrated and thus Makes them better at handling stress.

#2: Always maintain a healthy distance while using your mobile phone. EMF exposure decreases by 80% if the mobile is at least one foot away from your body. 

#3: keeping cell phone radiation protector acts as a barrier from you and the EMF radiation and thus prevents them from reaching out to your body. 

#4: Turn off wi-fi and Bluetooth when not in use.

#5: when you need to connect to other internet or devices, then in such case, make use of wired Connection or ethernet cable. 

#6: To stop an electrical signal from reaching your head and ears, switch to video calling, speakerphone, pair of air tube headphones in place of keeping the phone pressed against the side of your head. 

#7 sometimes, it is very essential to take some kind of technology brakes. Go outdoors and supply vitamin D to your body which not only removes out toxins from your body but also keeps the cell alive and healthy. In addition to this, stand a while/ walk barefoot to get the negative ions from the earth’s surface low magnetic field. These ions obtained from the earth also leave a positive impact on cells.

Using quality cell phone radiation shields should not be amiss.
Time to sum up:

Hence, these were some of the ways to combat mobile phone radiation symptoms. 

So, what are you waiting for? It’s high time to take initiative and protect your near and dear ones from these deadly diseases. You can even visit the safe cell website to know more about do cell phone radiation shields work or not. Also, the product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Contact us right away!

Using Cell Phone Without Radiation Protectors Is Harmful

In today's digital era, it is possibly impossible to stay away from cell phones. Forget about adults; even kids are not apart from the cell phone. Kids often found watching YouTube videos every day, and this habit is risking their lives than never before.

Have you ever thought about harmful radiations coming out of our cell phones?

If you are concerned about protecting yourself, kids and everyone around you, then this piece of the blog will give you all the essential information about the same.

Overview of this blog-

·      How mobile phone radiations are degrading everyone's health?

·      How Mobile Phone Radiation Protectors can minimize the risk?


The whole world has now realized the negative side of cell phone radiations. Long-Term risk of suffering from cancer is the most common thing that we worry about. Not just cancer, cell phone radiations cause numerous harms in everyday health. When our eyes/ body is exposed to cell phone radiations for a longer time, every day, we start feeling more fatigue than usual.

Don't believe us?

Try doing it. Use your cell phone for longer during a day and reduce the time spend in front of your phone the other day. Observe your fatigue level at the end of both days. You will find yourself more tired when you spent more time in front of your smartphone. It is because our body's energy levels fight with those harmful cell phone radiations, and hence, we feel tired. Especially our eyes feel more fatigue than other body parts. Sometimes we may feel burning sensation, itchiness, and redness in our eyes too. Not just this, if you spend more time with cell phones, your body may demand more sleep than usual, and you may not be able to sleep properly.

As these things will continue, day by day, your immune system will also start becoming weak. This will in-turn make you more prone to numerous diseases.

Isn't it an eye-opening fact?

Of course, it is!

So, what can we do to stay away from these health hazards due to cell phone hazards?

Start using a quality cell phone radiation shield.

How can Mobile Phone Radiation Protectors minimize the risk?

Safe Cell provides one of the best quality cell phone radiation protectors. You can purchase it online and start using it with ease. These shields limit the harmful effect of cell phone radiation and save you from almost all health hazardous.

Along with Safe Cell's cell phone radiation shields, keep these points in mind.

1.   Keep safe distance from the cell phone screen.

2.   Use Speakerphone/ Headsets for regular voice calls

3.   Turn off the Data and Wi-Fi when you don't use it.

4.   Prefer texts

5.   Turn off the GPS when you don't need it.

6.   Sleep at a safe distance from the phone

7.   Limit your overall usage


Buy the cell phone protection shields today!