Arleigh Cracklen Safe Cell Testimonial

Arleigh Cracklen

Past Director, BC Sunshine Coast Lacrosse Association 

"Thank you for applying Safe Cell to my cell phone. I have been a long time cell phone user and sometimes spend up to 3 hours a day on my phone. I noticed that my phone would heat up and irritate my ear, sometimes resulting in a headache. I have read so much about the effects of cell phone radiation. Since using the Safe Cell Tab, my phone no longer heats up. I have recommended your product to friends, family and business associates. Thank you for making cell use more comfortable."



Ernie Punch Mclean Safe Cell Testimonial
linchfield Safe Cell Testimonial

Ernie "Punch" McLean

Memorial Cup winning coach and BC Hockey Hall of Fame Inductee

"I've used the Safe Cell Tab since 2001 and I feel fabulous. Using my cell phone used to give me headaches and a tingling sensation in my ear and the side of my head, but none since I've been using the Safe Cell radiation shield. I recommend it to all my friends and family."

D. Litchfield & Co. Ltd

 "I would like to take a moment and thank you for introducing me to Safe Cell. Being a long time cell phone user, I noticed that I was suffering from frequent headaches. Since I started using the Safe Cell Tab, I've noticed that I have not been experiencing this problem nor is my phone heating up against my ear. I have recommended this product to friends who are currently using it as well. I am completely satisfied with your product and am happy not to be suffering from headaches any longer."



Doug Weight

Former NHL St. Louis Blues, Center

"Since using The Safe Cell radiation shield at the 2000-2001 All Star Game in Denver, I have noticed that my cell phone now remains much cooler and I haven't experienced headaches or buzzing in my ears. I have since purchased about 75 for some of my ex-teammates in Edmonton and Carolina, and current teammates in St. Louis (along with some of their wives). I have been very pleased with the tabs and feel it is an important health issue for everyone and their families."

Bryan Trottier Safe Cell Testimonial

Bryan Trottier 

Former NHL player and NY Islanders Exec. Director of Player Personnel 

"I've been using the Safe Cell Tab for years now and I believe the health benefits are there. I've noticed that my cell phone doesn't heat up as fast and if I can avoid the exposure to some radiation in my life then that is a benefit to me. Everyone in my family has one and it gives us all a sense of protection and insurance. I hope everyone feels the same as I do and provides their loved ones with this great value."

Dr. William Russell Safe Cell Testimonial

Dr. William Russell, ND

Naturopathic Physician in Surrey, Canada

"In my practice, I come across health conditions, which are result of many stresses in our environment. One of the stressors I find that impacts greatly on an individual's health are electromagnetic frequencies, EMF's.

These frequencies are emitted from various electronic devices such as cell phones, microwave ovens and computers.

I've been testing your Safe Cell Tabs and I am finding that once they are placed on a patient's cell phone or computer that they no longer test to be affected by these harmful frequencies.

It is great that we have been able to find a cost effective method to help limit a person's exposure to these invasive stressors."