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Basic Facts About Cell phone Radiation

Is it true that the radiation of mobile phones is absorbed by the body and is getting damaged? Absolutely yes, scientists are of the opinion that the radiation which is being absorbed by the body to the presence of the cell phone is causing a lot of damage to the human body and sometimes resulting in the loss of memory and causing disease like Alzheimer and sometimes causing the rise of cancer cells and thereby causing cancer.

It may seem to be a little crazy that radio waves are entering the body, but no one can deny the truth that the radiation is getting absorbed body. There are various measures which a person can take to protect themselves from the harmful radiation of the cell phones and such protective measure is the use of the cell phone radiation protector.

Basic ideas you must be having regarding the cell phone radiation.

Before going further, we must be knowing the following points that will help us to know about the cell phone radiation. The points include-

Power of the radiation along with the emitting and receiving frequency.

Interaction of frequency with the matter.

The capability of the radiation to cause damage to the human body because of the interaction mechanism, strength, power and also frequency.

How the frequency interacts with the matter of the body to cause damage?

So, it is clear that the frequency of the cell phone ranges between 450 to 2000MHz but the most common of all them is the 800 to 900MHz. However, the power depends on the amount of time spent and, in the start, the power can reach up to 2 watts but at the end of the call, it may reduce too. So, these frequencies interact with the light and matter with the help of electric field component of light. A sensation is therefore produced in the human body. The same heating follows the same principle as the microwave follows. Hence, it can be said that the effect is almost similar to the microwave which causes the water in the head or the body to boil and thereby causing damage.

However, the power of the microwave extends to 700 watts which is almost 100 times more than that of a cell phone. But that damage done by the cell phone is very harmful to our body. So try to use the best cell phone radiation protector that will help you to get rid of the absorption of the electromagnetic radiation due to a cell phone.

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