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Why Is It Essential To Protect Ourselves From Mobile Radiation?

There are certain gadgets that are very helpful to human being but emit most of the radiation and thereby causing great damage to the human body as the human body absorbs all the radiation. Some gadgets include-

  • WiFi routers- The routers are having the capability of giving off the radiation of type electromagnetic. Electromagnetic is highly powerful and these radiations can pass through walls. People keep their routers in the on mode for 24 hours thereby causing harm to not only yourself but also to the neighbors.

  • Microwave- This emits radiation in a huge amount during the process of heating the food. So, protector is also required during the time of operating microwave

  • Laptops along with smart phones- The major question is that are cell phones harmful? Yes! they are and the radiation of the mobile phones can cause permanent damage to the body and can cause disease like cancer, Alzheimer, etc.

Advantages of using phone radiation protector

The protector acts as a shield and thereby protects the body from absorbing the harmful radiation of mobile phones that can cause damage to the human body. A protective case is also effective sometimes. Therefore, the use of these shields helps people to deal with damages and be safe enough to increase their lifespan.

Radiation protector is therefore very much important and protects the user from the risk of cancer. Try buying the renowned radiation protector and be wise enough to see the reviews of the protector. Try avoiding the online sites for buying such kinds of stuff. Visit the store and see the products. However, the full benefits of these radiation protectors are not known properly but still, it protects till some level.

Reducing the radiation of cell phone

How to reduce cell phone radiation is the major question which may arise in a person mind. Some basic steps are there which people can follow after using protective equipment like keeping themselves away from cell phones when not in use or keeping themselves in airplane mode. In order to avoid exposure to single ear one must shift the ears while talking, however, a wired headset is the best option as the radiation to hits the head directly. Radiation is causing more danger to kids or children as they are having to develop nervous system and chances of damage is more and severe.

Safe Cell is one of the best platforms for cell phone radiation protectors. Take a glance at our offerings and buy the best suit as per your needs. Feel free to explore. We are known for providing quality products in affordable deals.



What Is Cell Phone Radiation Shield, And How Does It Benefit Us?

Can you imagine the world without a cell phone today? Not only the grownups but also the infants and children are highly exposed to the use of cell phones. The time is as such that parent hand over a cell phone to their kids to keep them engaged while the parents themselves are involved in talking or playing games over another cell phone. I know this scene is highly relative t what we see around us today. With the emergence of the neck down generation, the use of cell phones is at a surge today. The need to use cell phone radiation shield is becoming a necessity these days.

With the revolution in the technology of cell phones, it has been readily available for many of us today. But in spite of the usefulness of the device, have you ever thought of the ill effects of the same. The harmful effects of using a cell phone extensively are on a higher note. You may face serious consequences which can be life-threatening as well.


What health issues you might face that is caused by harmful cell phone radiation?

There can be severe or chronic health hazards noticed in humans due to the harmful radiation that we receive from the cell phone.

Few of the mention able health hazards can be:


•    Headache and earache

•    Pressure or tingling in the head

•    Distortion of vision or another significant eye problem

•    Memory loss (low remembering power especially for children)

•    DNA alteration and permanent damage

•    Brain tumor

•    Severe shifts in brains electrical activities


Now, knowing this the use of cell phone has brought not only ease to your life but also unexpected health hazards, will it be possible for you to stop the use. No right! It is hardly likely not to use cell phones, but definitely, we can limit the application to our necessity. Apart from that, there is a revolutionary product in the market which can keep your worries at bay. Safe Cell is the answer to the safe use of a cell phone as it protects the user from harmful radiation emitted from the cell phone.

What is cell phone radiation shield?

A cell phone radiation shield is a revolutionary product which is attached to your cell phone and bring down harmful radiation to minimal and therefore ensures a safe environment for your family. Safe Cell provides a quality cell phone radiation protection solution which is created with unique material which is permanently encoded with specific signals or frequencies designed to interact and change the quality of the electromagnetic field emitted from cell phones. In other words, it converts the high-level electromagnetic waves to low-level signals which are weak enough and thus does not harm your health.


You can use Safe Cell’s cell phone radiation shield for your mobile phone, and it will ensure safety to your family from the harmful radiation that is received from cell phones.

Dangers of EMF

Dangers of EMF

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are the cause of symptoms like cancer, insomnia and fatigue, but what can you do to protect yourself?

California Department of Public Health Releases Cell Phone Radiation Warning Document (VIDEO)

California Department of Public Health Releases Cell Phone Radiation Warning Document (VIDEO)

What is inside that draft is alarming, but state health officials say it was never finalized or officially adopted by the department. Berkeley-based doctor, Joel Moskowitz, sued the state in 2016 under the California Public Records Act to get it released. So, the first thing you’ll notice is the big black letters stamped across it, “draft and not for public release."

Confirmed Government Covered Up Cell Phone Cancer Risks

Confirmed Government Covered Up Cell Phone Cancer Risks

Court orders California Public Health Dept. to Release Cell phone Radiation Safety Document