Harvard Defends Berkeley's Bill Around Cell Phone Radiation (video)

Berkeley City Council members finalized their unanimous vote tonight to require cell phone retailers to provide customers with a notice about the potential health risks of carrying their phones too close to their bodies, making the progressive the city the first in the nation to have wireless warnings if the law go into effect in July. Here is a video from Berkeley's May 12th meeting

Harvard Law professor Lawrence Lessig and another attorney from Yale Law both agreed to defend the city pro-bono in the event of a lawsuit. Previously, the cell phone industry sued the city of San Francisco for passing a similar bill claiming it violated their freedom of speech as corporation. Here's a video of Lessig's speech from the Berkeley meeting 

“It’s an important right-to-know issue,” said Berkeley mayor Tom Bates, who voted in favor of the measure. “It’s really just a note of caution.” All of the producers of Mobilize were in attendance at the May 12th meeting. We strongly urge other cities to support this powerful right-to-know legislation and hope to eventually adopt a federal safety bill. 


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