The Effects of Cell Phone Radiation on Children

According to Forbes’ article’15:  “Wi-Fi exposure could be more dangerous to children”

It’s because children brain are fragile and still developing.

Also, according to some researches, danger of cell phone radiation overexposure is real and even more serious for those with long-term exposure. So, it’s mandatory to use mobile phone radiation protector  to protect yourself and your family from these radiations.

Children are More Susceptible than Adults:

Most of the parents do not realize that by gifting or allowing children to use mobile phones they are causing harm to the child as it affects the child’s health.

At times, parents don’t realize that children bodies are very immature, changing and are extremely sensitive to foreign environmental influences—far more than adults. In real, there are many regions of concerns that arise from the exposure of the young to EMF, especially from cell phones.


Electromagnetic radiations are given off by cellular and portable phones, Wi-Fi routers, baby monitors and countless other electronic or battery operated devices. These radiations are basically radio frequency energy, a form of non-ionizing radiation. Even skilled and experienced in the field have found that these radiations are cancerogenic in nature and can cause serious long-term health problems by interfering with our body’s natural processes, including harming the DNA.

Also, studies shows that the young generation is the one who will be more prone to diseases through the radiation in the near future as they have started using it from early years.

So, it’s high time to protect our young ones from such deadly radiations.

Time to sum up:

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