Cell Phone Radiation Links With Sperm Count And Quality

A new study released by the Reproductive Research Centre at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio suggests an alarming increase in infertility amongst men who frequently use cell phones. In each of the four criteria singled out in the study - sperm count, motility, viability and appearance - those who used cell phones more than four hours per day fared the worst in each category. The study, led by Professor Ashok Agarwal, divided over 360 men into three categories: those who never used a cell phone, those who used a cell phone less than two hours per day and the final group of men, who used their cell phones at least four hours each day. 

Dramatically Reduced Sperm Count

The test group of men who used their cell phones most often suffered an alarming 25% decrease incell phone radiation reduces sperm count their overall sperm count when compared to the group of men who never used a cell phone at all. Of equal concern was the fact that the frequent cell phone users displayed a 1/3 decrease in their spermís ability to swim. The appearance of the sperm also suffered, dropping by 50%. Less than 1/5 of the frequent cell phone userís sperm looked normal under the microscope.

Alarming Link Between Cell Phone Use and Fertility Problems

The study points to a possible explanation for the 29% plummet in the sperm counts of British men over the past decade. It cannot be ignored or passed off as coincidence that while the use of cell phones has soared in the past ten years, male fertility in industrialized countries has suffered. Animal studies have shown that sperm-making cells in the testes are particularly vulnerable to low-level radiation from exposure to cell phones, which was previously thought to be harmless. Non-ionizing cell phones radiation overheats cells, affecting their growth and normal development. Cell phone use has also been proven to cause damage to the blood vessels in the brain, even over short periods of use. This is also a cause for concern as many reproductive hormones are produced in the brain.

What is the Solution?

Men, especially those of child-bearing age, are encouraged to take steps to reduce their exposure to cell phone radiation as much as possible. Never carry a cell phone on the belt or in a pocket near the groin, where it can raise the temperature in this sensitive area high enough to cause permanent cell damage.


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