What is It


cell phone radiation


Cell Phone Radiation is Real
Why Risk it?


What is it?

Safe Cell Technology is scientifically designed to reduce the biological effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF) or dangerous radiation. When holding the phone to your ear your head is protected, when carrying the phone in the belt, the hip bone marrow, reproductive organs and other vital body parts in this region are protected.


How does it work?

The Safe Cell Tab is created out of a unique material that is permanently encoded with specific frequencies designed to interact with and change the quality of the electromagnetic field (EMF) emitting from cell phones. It converts the electromagnetic energy into low level infrared energy, drastically reducing the harmful effects of cell phone radiation.


How do I know it works?
The Safe Cell Tab was successfully tested by an Independent laboratory. The Shielding Effectiveness test was conducted by The California Institute of Material Sciences which results proved that "The Safe Cell Tab possesses Shielding Effectiveness in the cell phone test frequency range 0.800 GHz to 10.525 GHz". (click here to view the full report


How much does it cost?

Each unit costs $29.99. Take advantage of our Buy 2 get the 3rd Free offer. (click here to view offer)


Protect yourself with the Safe Cell Tab. Scientifically proven to efeectively reduce cell phone radiation